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Join the #ElephantYogaChallenge

You can help save elephants with yoga. Join the #ElephantYogaChallenge to raise awareness and support for elephants. Make your practice count!

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Origami for Elephants

We're attempting to break the Gunniess World Records TM title for the lragest display of origami elephants. The current record is 33,764. We’re looking to fold 35,000 of them—the number of African elephants killed each year for their tusks. Will you help us get there?

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Help us END Wildlife Trafficking

The U.S. Congress has passed the END Wildlife Trafficking Act, bringing us one step closer to addressing a gaping hole in enforcement and better protecting defenseless creatures. Let’s show our support.

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A federal law can't stop ivory from being sold within a state's borders. That's why we need the states to implement their own bans. New York, New Jersey, California, Washington, and Hawaii have already done their part. In Oregon, voters can support a multi-species ballot petition in the November polls. Tell your state representatives that stopping the senseless slaughter of elephants should be a priority.

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The Wildlife Conservation Society is working with partners around the clock - and around the globe - to save elephants. From the forests of Africa to the ivory shops in New York, we're trying to stop the killing, stop the trafficking, and stop the demand. Join us today with a tax-deductible donation for elephants.

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Many of your friends probably don't know that elephants are really in trouble. Why not get them all on board? Use our advocacy toolkit to post on social media, email your friends, and educate people about the crisis.

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Educate Others

Institutions and organizations wanting to lead their own 96 Elephants outreach and awareness efforts are encouraged to utilize this Educator’s toolkit for background materials, educational activities and targeted messaging.

Educator's Toolkit